Subscription Details

Membership Criteria

1. Must be a member of GIT and/or association or club in connection with gems and jewelry or a member of the Thai Chamber of Commerce or the Federation of Thai Industries and have a certificate issued thereby.

2. Must register with the Department of Business Development, a district office or a local administrative body for no less than 2 years.

3. Must have a permanent location of the shop or company that can be reached and verified.

4. Must maintain a business credibility without undesirable reputation such as fraudulence against customers, violation of intellectual properties or willful imitation of copyrighted goods or logos.

5. Must have no pending complaints, accusations or violation of any related rules or regulations.

6. Must have gem or jewelry products such as colored stones, diamond, gold jewelry, silverware, and fashion jewelry.

Approval Process

1. The entrepreneur submits BWC application with required documents;

- Company Tax Registration
- Business registration/company certificate
- ID cards of business owner/authorized person
- Photos of storefront and location map
- Proof of membership of related union/association

2. Approved company / shop will be announced on BWC website “Buy With Confidence, look for GIT certificate”.

3. Once BWC member submits sample for testing and certification, company will receive BWC sticker for the shop and BWC tag + QR code for product with no additional expense until December 31st, 2019.

4. GIT reserves the right, in any circumstances, to approve the application and the decision of the project’s committees is final.

Remark: Having the BWC logo does not mean to certify the member’s shops/companies or the price of products. Traders and consumers should have a clear understanding before agreeing to any transaction.

Terms of Logo Use

1. The use of logo shall be exclusive to members of the Buy with Confidence initiative and cannot be transferred to any other person or juristic person. See more announcement by GIT.

2. BWC logo will be given to members who have GIT certificate for their goods/products at least one item.

3. Disputes between members and their customers shall be governed by consumer protection laws. The customer can complain at 1166 (Office of the Consumer Protection Board), 1155 (Tourist Police) and 1569 (Department of Internal Trade).

4. GIT reserves the right to withdraw permission to use the BWC logo, if a member is found to have damaged to the logo’s credibility.

5. GIT reserves the right to amend the criteria and terms of this initiative as deemed necessary

6. BWC member that has been approved before December 31st 2018 will be extended GIT member and BWC member privileges to December 31st 2019.

Benefits of Members

Gemstone Testing Coupon

• Eligible to purchase the Gemstone Testing Coupon for a pack of 10 coupons (regularly 30 coupons per pack), which can be used under normal terms and conditions.

• Eligible to purchase 3 packs of coupons (90 coupons in total) with 5% discount, from 126,000 THB to 119,700 THB

Gem Memo Report at Special Rates

• Members will be able to purchase a Gem Memo Report on semi-precious gemstones (such as Tourmaline, Quartz and Garnet)of any sizes and weights at 300 Baht per piece. This rate excludes treatment identification

• Members will be able to purchase a Gem Memo Report on precious gemstones (Ruby, Sapphire, Chrysoberyl and Emerald)of not over 3 carats with treatment identification at 500 Baht per piece.

Special Discounts;

BWC Member Accumulative Spending Amount (THB) include Gemstone Testing Coupon Purchase Discount
1-20,000 10%
20,001-50,000 10%
50,001 - 150,000 20%
More than 150,001 25%
More than 500,000 25%

- The above prices exclusive of 7% VAT, except Gemstone Testing Coupon.
- These special offers valid until December 31st 2019.