Confidence and trust are keys to decision making of consumers. GIT has initiated Buy With Confidence (BWC) campaign to set forth standards and inspire the public’s trust in the Thai gem and jewelry products. The initiative also aims to promote image of the participants as well as sale of products through QR CODE.

1. Always look for buy with Confidence (BWC)​ symbol at the front of the shop

2. Scan QR Code on BWC sticker to get details of a particular shop that has met the standard of BWC program

3. Select your favorite products and increase your confidence by looking for BWC Tag attached to the products.

4. Scan QR Code on BWC Tag to get details about your preferred gem and Jewelry​ products and request for GIT Gem and Jewelry​ Certificate from the shop.

5. Buy your​ favorite​ products​ guaranteed by GIT

For any assistance, please call:
1166 (Office of the Consumer Protection Board),
1155 (Tourist Police Bureau)​ or
1569 (Department of Internal Trade)